Saying “See You Later” to Rwanda

When I left Des Moines and said “see you later,” I knew that in three and a half months I would be back and able to see my friends and family again. When I said “see you later” to my friends and family in Rwanda, I had no idea when that later would be. My last two days in Kigali, I was able to visit the people that welcomed me so graciously into their lives and homes. I felt so greatly appreciated and loved by individuals that made Rwanda my home.

I have been back in Des Moines for almost an entire week now. As I lay in my bed writing this blog post, I am thinking back to my first post on this blog describing my “see you later” to Drake. I wrote, “I can continue to say all I want that I am spending my semester in Rwanda, but as of now, those are merely words.” Now, I say that I spent my semester in Rwanda and I know that those words are filled with love, admiration, hope, and faith in the country, the beauty, and the people of Rwanda. “See you laters” are hard and sometimes are hard to believe in (when will I be back in Rwanda???) but most of all I am so grateful to have been able to say “see you later” because it means that I was able to say “hello.” I was able to have the experience of a lifetime and meet individuals that inspired me and welcomed me like no had ever done before.

Thank you to everyone that has supported me since birth. I know for many it was hard to know that I was thousands of miles away in such a foreign place but I was safe, healthy, and most of all happy for the entirety of my time in Rwanda. It was (as I think I have said in this blog a couple times) BEAUTIFUL.


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