10 Seconds of Awe

The root of AWESOME is AWE. The word is meant to describe something that causes or induces awe. Rwanda is awesome. I know I have stated over and over the beauty of Rwanda and the way in which the landscape takes my breath away, but I am doing it again. In the moments where I am struck by the beauty of this place, I practice what I call 10 seconds of awe. That means I stop whatever I am doing (usually walking), look around me, and take it all in for 10 seconds. Rwandans are quick to tell Americans how fast we move from one thing to the next hardly taking a breath. I know I find myself at times far too occupied with where I am going or planning to do next to just enjoy where I am. My 10 seconds of awe in Rwanda have been extremely important for my experience. I take the time to breath and most of all express my gratitude. In the moments where I stop and stare at the world around me, I grasp how amazing it is that I am in Rwanda at this time in my life with the opportunities that I have here. At the conclusion of the 10 seconds, I feel revitalized and full of something inexplicable. I can only describe those experiences as awesome.

What if we all experienced a little more awe in our lives? Try it. The world is full of beauty and the only way to see it is to experience it.


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