A Trip 14 Years in the Making

In first grade after recess my entire class was ushered onto a plane and traveled to Africa with our binoculars and cameras. We saw lions, hippos, elephants, giraffes, and antelopes just like in The Lion King! Yes, our plane was just our chairs arranged in rows and our cameras were made of cardboard and film canisters, but I was in Africa, right?

I hope all you have gathered that Africa is more than just open land with wild animals running around. Of course that is part of the continent, just like the corn in Iowa is part of the state, but my experiences in Rwanda had been limited to life in the city. I don’t know many people that do corn tours in the Hawkeye State but it is hard to resist the opportunity to experience the wildlife that does exist in this area of Africa.Our program got the amazing opportunity to go to Murchison Falls National Park during our trip to Uganda which included a boat ride on the Nile River and a game drive the next morning. So, I got out my cardboard camera and took it all in.


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