So…I Have Now Been Electrocuted

This past Saturday as I was unplugging my computer from the wall in my room, the power adapter slipped and my finger slid onto the metal prongs of my computer plug. My first thought was, “S***, I just got shocked…” Then, “S***, this is wildly ironic because of one of my initial blog posts.”

The next day, my group and I boarded a bus heading for Gulu in Northern Uganda. This ride involved three days on the road, crossing over the Rwanda-Uganda border and overnight stays in Mbarara and Kampala, Uganda. Once arriving in Gulu, our academic director gave us instructions for our second “New Discovery” of the semester. At the beginning of our time in Kigali, we were split up into groups and were told to investigate a part of Kigali life and culture. This week in Gulu, we were tasked to do the same thing. While Gulu is much smaller than Kigali and English is much more widely spoken, our experiences over the last month clearly prepared us well for experiencing a new city and culture.

Throughout the “New Discovery” in Gulu, we were able to compare this city to Kigali and even think more generally about Ugandan versus Rwandan culture. Our travels here have already proven to me how much I have grown with the opportunities I have been privileged to receive. Even in Gulu I have experienced no culture shock or, for the sake of this blog post, ¬†electrocution.

Our stay in Uganda will conclude this upcoming Saturday after a couple more days in Gulu, a trip to a Ugandan National Park on the Nile River (where we will see Lions and Zebras and Antelopes and Elephants and Hippos and Giraffes and Water Buffalo and Monkeys and Crocodiles and Rhinos and more), and a couple nights in Kampala (Uganda’s capital). I am so full of gratitude (and maybe a little electricity).


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