One year ago today (January 1, 2014) I was watching the TODAY Show when I was introduced to a new way of making New Year’s Resolutions. Rather than stressing on the imperfections in one’s life that need to be improved, this new initiative was asking individuals to come up with one word that can center their vision for the new year. Called, “My One Word,” focusing on one simple word that can help define my year was intriguing to me. For 2014, I chose GROW, and I did. Through another two semesters at Drake and a summer at Camp Foster not only did I grow into a better version of myself but my knowledge grew, my interests grew, and my relationships grew.

2015 will be a year of discovery. I have chosen the word DISCOVER because as I look forward to my year, and especially my semester abroad, I am inspired to discover the world around me. I want to discover more about who I am and what I want to do. I want to discover how others around the world live and where my life fits in the grand scheme of things. I want to discover how to continue these sorts of discoveries throughout my life and how to always look at life through different lenses. Of course I know that I will not come out of 2015 with the answers to all of my questions, but that is not what discovery is about. Rather, discovery is about brushing off a layer and realizing that there are hundreds of more layers to go. Discovery is about asking more questions than getting answers. Discovery is about the journey and not the destination. At least that is what discovery is for me and I am happy with that. I am happy with that and am happy that in 2015 I will DISCOVER.

To learn more about “My One Word,” check out myoneword.org


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